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  • 7 years ago | 0 comments

    Pizza wine? Chianti, per favore!

    The Chianti wine is light, aromatic, very fruity... they are the perfect soundtrack, ethylicly speaking, to live life and be loved. These wines come from the Tuscany region of undeniable beauty which provides the frame for contemporary classics as Stealing Beauty or... read complete post

    martabgood Marta Bgood
  • 8 years ago | 1 comments Italian wines

    Italian wines

    Italy is a country with one of the most important cultures of wine , making it one of the leading producers in the world of wine. The Italian wines enjoy of a well deserved reputation as well as the Italian wineries, and have a large and extensive wine territory. Wine in Italy date back... read complete post

    albertomartinez Alberto Martínez

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