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  • 7 years ago | 0 comments How to read a wine label

    How to read a wine label

    In a bottle of wine there is much information to decode. The wine label is one of the most important since, along with the back label, the bottle type, the capsule and the cap, it's like a car registration or trademark. With it, besides enjoying its design (and commercial hallmark), you... read complete post

    albertlg Albert L.G.
  • 7 years ago | 2 comments, the international social wine recommendations website

    We just launched on March the 1st. It is our first international expansion since the launch of Uvinum Spain ( ) last December 15th. As we have posted before , Uvinum's purpose is to democratize wine knowledge worldwide . Thanks to users wine reviews and experts... read complete post

    nicobour Nico Bour
  • 8 years ago | 0 comments

    Wine: taste and feel it!

    Last weekend I had the opportunity of tasting in my family's house in Provence a 1st Cru of Burgundy . A Montracher Chassagne of 1999 . And I started with my father, Henri Bour to make a comparison of tasting that both were having with this 100% Chardonnay. It came to my mind at that moment... read complete post

    nicobour Nico Bour
  • 8 years ago | 0 comments First Uvinum brainstorming

    First Uvinum brainstorming

    Some weeks ago, we had the opportunity to make our first Uvinum's brainstorming. We invited 7 wine lovers to join us and share opinions about wine and about our project . More than 3 hours together allowed us to have a clearer view on some of the points raised. There will be more meetings like... read complete post

    nicobour Nico Bour
  • 8 years ago | 0 comments

    Uvinum, share your passion for wine

    Passion for wine has inspired us to create Uvinum . The 3 founders have succeeded in unifying our passion for wine with another passion: to be entrepreneurs. That in itself is a great start. A start that was hatched on 9 December 2008 thanks to a simple message on Facebook under... read complete post

    nicobour Nico Bour

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