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  • 8 years ago | 0 comments

    Valencia wines conquer UK

    Is it because of their phenols? Or perhaps it is due to their presence. What do wines of Comunidad Valenciana have to be conquering UK ? The truth is that it is well known that for an Englishman there is nothing like a good day of sun and beach, as that can be enjoyed in... read complete post

    martabgood Marta Bgood
  • 8 years ago | 1 comments Good wine is expensive... or not

    Good wine is expensive... or not

    When we speak about the wines best rated in the guides , we always have the same idea: small production, long stay in barrels, selected grapes and huge prices. It is the general idea, for example, among the 10 best wines of Spain in 2011, according to Parker. Well this year Robert Parker... read complete post

    albertomartinez Alberto Martínez
  • 9 years ago | 0 comments Halloween With Wine

    Halloween With Wine

    Halloween is a magical night of witches, goblins and mysteries. The night in which all beings in the shadows come out to celebrate their day , and in which anything can happen. In Spain , where celebrating Halloween is becoming a tradition, following the American way, something terrible has... read complete post

    albertomartinez Alberto Martínez

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