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  • 7 years ago | 0 comments Cantine su internet

    Cantine su internet

    Prima di cominciare, chiedo scusa in anticipo se in questo articolo parlerò molto di internet e business e poco di vini . Farò di tutto affinché ciò non si ripeta più. Le cantine sono spesso viste come aziende anacronistiche , lontane dall'odierno consumatore a causa... read complete post

    roccoaliberti Rocco Aliberti
  • 11 years ago | 1 comments

    Graphic Design and Advertising

    I work as a Creative Director since 1995, working for USA, Argentina and Spain Ad Agencies Follow me on Twitter via Twittexperts read complete post

    atontado Alex
  • 11 years ago | 0 comments

    Social Media Manager

    I'm Albert Garcia, I'm the CEO of Nexoblogs and founder of Splitweet. I'm also working as Softonic Labs Director. During my day I face the instrinsic secrets behind the Mass Media. I write in many Blogs and try to find market oportunities in different active social networks arround internet.... read complete post

    atontado Alex
  • 11 years ago | 0 comments

    SEO Expert

    My name is Albert López and I have spent many years dealing with Search Optimization. If you have any question about SEO you can try with me. I will write about SEO (basic and advanced topics), news in the search world and tricks for any particular follower of mine. Subscribe... read complete post

    atontado Alex

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