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  • 1 year ago | 0 comments

    Cocktails with Whiskey for Winter

    Far from the somewhat spicy, citrusy and wonderfully refreshing summer cocktails, at this time of the year, people want more consistent cocktails. Hence, we recommend some whiskey-based cocktails that you will enjoy the most. Will you dare to try them? The Manhattan... read complete post

    mark75 mark75
  • 3 years ago | 1 comments

    Whiskey or whisky? The origin of the words

    The word " whiskey " appeared in the early eighteenth century as the Gaelic translation of the Latin word aqua vitae for " water of life ". In the Celtic language, it is called uisge beatha , although the use of this term finds its roots several centuries ago. Although... read complete post

    unshel Alma Unsel
  • 6 years ago | 0 comments How to taste whisky like an expert (I)

    How to taste whisky like an expert (I)

    Some people consider that the whisky tasting is one of the most interesting way to enjoy this drink. In order to taste whisky as an amateur it is better to learn the basic steps slowly , in order to gradually begin to differentiate the inherent flavors of each whisky. read complete post

    sarahrichardier Sarah R.
  • 6 years ago | 0 comments

    The whisky's world trends

    Social events like the Whisky Lounge London Festival held in the year 2012 offer a fresh view of the new trends and whisky blends that are available on the market. These trends are discussed to provide more knowledge to those who like good whisky. They talk about the new... read complete post

    sarahrichardier Sarah R.
  • 8 years ago | 0 comments The Irish Whiskey

    The Irish Whiskey

    The Irish whisky is called " whiskey ", just as Americans do with their bourbon . This whiskey is made from barley and is characterized by a triple distillation, a fact that makes it a smoother and delicate drink, compared to others of the same class. This whiskey is the most... read complete post

    albertomartinez Alberto Martínez

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